Mikrotik scheduler disable interface . Network 192. Web. http://mikrotikroutersetup. . Any of the standard platform line termination sequences can be used: Unix – ASCII LF; Windows – ASCII CR LF;. Hello can i have your email to contact with u if you can help me to do it together? Thanks. . hk 4 position trigger housing In the white box below with name "on event": /interface disable 3 The number 3 should be changed to the interface number of the Ethernet interface you want to disable. how do libras deal with heartbreak . Membuat Penjadwalan (Scheduler) pada Mikrotik. . Kemudian untuk cara disable dan enable interface melalui winbox (GUI) yaitu, masuk ke interface list (klik menu "Interface" seperti pada langkah - langkah mengganti nama interface) kemudian double klik interface yang ingin didisable atau enable. Buat Skedul baru untuk men-disable, Klik tanda +,. class="algoSlug_icon" data-priority="2">Web. alabama police scanner frequencies Log In My Account sw. 1. Apr 18, 2018 · Di tag: mikrotik scheduler disable interface. . . Web. mikrotik.